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SEO Tools Guidance

  • Which SEO tools do I use when? 


Developer Decisions Made Day-to-Day

  • Use robots.txt or something else to keep pages out of search engines?
  • Which status code to use?
  • SEO Page Speed Checklist
  • URL Structure Tip Sheet

How to Code Common UX Elements

  • Which carousels to use? 
  • Which tabs to use?
  • Which accordions to use?


Guidance on SEO Elements

  • Which Pagination to use?
  • Tip Sheet

6-Week Curriculum



Week #1


Development Influences 6 Pillars Daily

  • There are 10 pillars in SEO... development influences 6 daily - which are they?
  • Real-world examples of how development impacts the pillars positively and negatively
  • Even when it's "SEO friendly" a solution can hurt multiple pillars, we'll walk through examples
  • How search engines understand a web page, and how development can enhance accurate interpretation
  • What a search engines sees vs. not see
  • Spot SEO Red Flags and the risks they introduce
  • Recognize SEO opportunities, and how to act on them

Build & Use Your Enterprise SEO Toolbox

  • Download tools to diagnose website issues in pre-production and production environments
  • Take your tools for a spin (how to use them)
  • How to interpret the data output by the tools and define corrective actions

Week #2

Page Speed Performance

It's Becoming as Critical as Oxygen

  • Why page speed performance matters
  • Business case for meeting Google guidelines
  • 3 metrics you need to beat in Google PageSpeed
  • Most common (fundamental) issues found on enterprise-level websites
  • Deep dive into common (and uncommon) page speed issues and how to resolve them
  • Walkthrough 4 practical tools to quickly help analyze and diagnose page speed issues
  • 12+ mistakes we find in enterprise-level sites that most SEOs miss


CSS & JavaScript

Can be Fuel or Kryptonite for SEO

  • How CSS and JavaScript impact SEO
  • How to utilize CSS and JavaScript optimally for SEO
  • Externalizing JavaScript and CSS - rules specific for enterprise-level sites
  • If you must use AJAX & JavaScript - how to make it work for SEO

Week  #3

Meta Data and Robots.txt

Directives that are Easily Coded Wrong

  • Meta data and robots.txt - which do you use when?
  • When is robots.txt the best solution... and when is it the worst?
  • Discover the issues commonly caused by Meta data accidents
  • Learn 3 practices that commonly cause issues for the robots.txt file


Special SEO Tags

The Little Details that Have a Big Impact (positive or negative)

  • Learn how to best configure on-page elements
  • What developers need to know about header tags: where they go, and where they don't
  • 3 places header tags never go
  • Canonical tag do’s, don’ts, and mishaps that can cause search engines to ignore it altogether
  • Examples of poorly structured HTML that impact search engines’ access to your site
  • Title tag & Meta description requirements (they’re more in-depth than developers realize)


Week #4

Code-Caused Duplicate Content

Hard to Spot SEO Killers

  • 8+ ways that code causes duplicate content and how it hurts SEO
  • What CMS systems often do to create duplicate content and what yours should do instead



  • How to define your URLs, based on the myriad of enterprise-level URL scenarios
  • What to avoid in URLs because it can wreak havoc
  • 3 common things that would cause you to restructure URLs
  • 4 URL issues not good for SEO, but aren’t worth URL restructuring
  • Guidelines for structuring directories
  • 5+ common URL mistakes CMS systems make and what yours needs to do instead
  • Advanced URL troubleshooting tips
  • How to use URLs as a clue when doing SEO troubleshooting
  • 10+ nightmares URLs can create and how to avoid them Markup

Tell Engines Precisely What’s on Your Page

  • The differences between markup and other types of markup
  • How can help search engines better understand content in HTML 5
  • Which markup will influence the appearance of your SERPs listing
  • What needs markup vs. what does not
  • Where most companies apply structured data vs. how SEO Pace Setters apply it
  • How to QA markup before you launch the code

Week #5

Status Codes and Redirects

Tell the Bots The Right Things

  • Learn which status codes are right for SEO (and which rarely are)
  • Common unseen mistakes made during redesigns & migrations
  • Massive errors caused by code mistakes
  • The one status code to avoid 99.99% of the time
  • Which status code to use when the site goes down (even for maintenance)
  • 404 pages - what they need to do and not do
  • Where a 200 status code shouldn’t be, but often is



A surprising number of things to consider

  • 3 pagination methods and when to use each
  • What Google says to do vs. what companies prefer for their customers experience
  • Two common pagination mistakes found even when the SEO team is involved


Week #6


Coding for Common UX Elements

You’ll Use these Frequently

  • The 5 options for coding tabs
  • The 5 options for coding dropdowns
  • The 5 options for coding multi-faceted navigation
  • The 3 options for coding carousels
  • The 3 options for coding accordions
  • How to handle infinite scrolling
  • Learn the pros and cons of each option
  • Recognize when to pull in the SEO team for guidance


Mobile SEO

The 3 primary options for configuring mobile vs. desktop websites

  • Responsive design best practices for SEO
  • How much content do you need to display on mobile vs. desktop
  • How to handle canonical tags between mobile and desktop SEO
  • Mobile XML Sitemaps
  • Mobile page speed expectations from Google
  • How to confirm your site is mobile friendly according to Google
  • Use of interstitials and their risks
  • App indexing key requirements + the 1 thing you need for app indexing to work


What’s Next?

The Road that Lies Ahead

  • How to ride the momentum that the training has caused
  • A candid presentation on what to do (and not do) now that you are all trained up
  • A walk through of the road that lies ahead:
    • The challenges you will face
    • Landmines many companies step into
    • The NEW SEO ANNOYANCES, and how to combat them
    • Top 5 mistakes even the greatest SEO teams make that end up peeving project teams
    • 3 most important things you must do well for successful collaboration
    • What to do when you don’t think the SEO team is doing what they should
    • How to maximize the next 90-days…Your SEO Honeymoon :)