Technical seo audit

We dig deep... in your code, hitting it from different angles

We don't just plug your site into tools and paste the screenshots.




Enterprise-level sites often have complex issues that tools don't spot very well. This requires studying the site from 3-5 different angles in order to understand what is really going on.

Written for you to forward to other teams

"Documents have legs" is our philosophy.


So our audits are designed to tell you what's wrong, and tell you how to fix it in a way that doesn't require a narration. They are designed for product managers and developers.

We don't do cookie-cutter, reports lacking specificity

We explore your site like a child on an Easter egg hunt - fast, eager, with our eyes trained to spot SEO issues, thanks to our 10+ years of enterprise-level SEO experience.

You'll love our copy/paste action items

Just copy and paste, then send to development. And you're done.


every project has 2 senior seos

This means you get *senior level* recommendations and troubleshooting.