1-Hour SEO Q&A Call with Jessica Bowman


How to use your call time

  • Bring a list of questions
  • Get a second opinion
  • Talk with development to give them confidence in a proposed solution they're doubting
  • Get a fresh set of eyes on an SEO problem you're struggling to solve
  • Learn more about one aspect of SEO that you haven't had time to explore or deeply understand
  • Review and finalize SEO requirements for a particular widget or change request
  • Prioritize changes based on which are likely to drive the most SEO traffic 

  • Working session to identify potential keywords for tough markets (ideal for niche B2B markets)
  • Working session to figure out why one country page is ranking instead of the local country page
  • Discuss challenges you're having while trying to get SEO done
  • Define your SEO tool stack

  • Get to know us before starting a larger project with SEOinhouse.com.
  • And anything else you want to use our time for