Strategically Curated 

Core Web Vitals Data

Curated + Prioritized + Action Plan

We'll gather & prioritize for you

Only take action on the URLs likely to see 
a lift by working on Core Web Vitals

  • Get URL-by-URL issues, at scale, in a spreadsheet.

  • URLs narrowed down to only those whose rankings are likely to improve as a result of making Core Web Vitals improvements.
  • Get data before/after you make changes to see the impact.
  • Get data monthly, over time, to monitor fluctuations throughout the year to see when and where problems occur.
  • This service leverages the brain-power of Technical SEO Veteran, Detlef Johnson.

  • Available to Agencies and inhouse SEO teams


which works best for you?

  • Monthly data + action plan
  • Quarterly data + action plan
  • Before/After data + action plan
  • As needed data + action plan

By the way....

We've partnered with detlef johnson

Detlef is a legendary technical SEO Veteran, who helped spearhead technical SEO for the past 20+ years. We're now collaborating to bring you curated core web vitals metrics with not only the data, but also a clear and concise plan of action to take to development.