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Free Webinar (4-part Series): 
How to identify action items in metrics found in Google Search Console and Crawling Tools

  • Metric-by-metric rundown of what to look for
  • Potential next steps based on what you may see
  • Presented by Jessica Bowman, Enterprise SEO Consultant

One-hour Q&A Call

Sometimes you just need a second opinion, direction on next steps, or someone to see what you aren't seeing. These calls are one-hour calls dedicated the pressing questions you need answered. Talk directly to Enterprise SEO Consultant Jessica Bowman about specific SEO questions.  Use them for:

  • Confirm you aren't missing any Technical SEO requirements in your change request Second opinions
  • Point of View on how to handle design challenges
  • And more

The Executive SEO Handbook

Even in football the entire team has the playbook! 


The full power of our methodology for doing SEO inhouse comes to life when it's in the hands of every single person who can help or hinder SEO with everyday decisions. It's a playbook for executives... but everyone else needs to know the playbook, too!


NOTE: Written specifically for large, enterprise-level companies.

Curated Core Web Vitals Data
+ Prioritized Action Plan


If getting data from the the CrUX API isn't in your future, consider purchasing curated Core Web Vitals data, including a prioritized action plan.  

  • Get URL-by-URL issues, at scale, in a spreadsheet.
  • Get data before/after you make changes to see the impact.
  • Get data monthly, over time, to monitor fluctuations throughout the year to see when and where problems occur.
  • This service leverages the brain-power of Technical SEO Veteran, Detlef Johnson.
  • Available to Agencies and inhouse SEO teams