jessica bowman

Founder & CEO

Author: The Executive SEO Playbook

Jessica is a trusted adviser to some of  the biggest brands online such as Yahoo! Inc., Microsoft,, and eBay. 


ENGAGED BY BIG BRANDS & THE BEST SEOs IN THE INDUSTRY to train their non-SEO teams. Jessica is flown around the globe to strategize and train everyone who impacts the website, equipping them with the 20% of SEO that will give 80% of the impact.


MOVES FROM AGILE TO WATERFALL, from development teams of 10s to 100s – proving that her methods are universally applicable.


MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT OPERATIONS is a primary method used to elevate SEO tactics & strategy. What would take you months to figure out in your SEO operations, Jessica takes days. Jessica isn't like an agency; she improves SEO through development and marketing operations, not merely traditional SEO tactics. She sees the processes, tools, resources, teams, and the holes in your SEO program that you didn’t even know existed. 


BRIDGES THE GAP BETWEEN MARKETING AND DEVELOPMENT. Jessica is a marketer who comes from an IT background, bridging the gap between both project requirements and how marketing and IT need to collaborate more effectively. Her diverse experience in project management, website usability, and process analysis gives her the insight into what needs tweaked, in your complicated enterprise-level world.


PROPRIETARY METHODOLOGY MORPHS companies into a SEO Force to Reckon With(SM). She has a systematic approach to transform your SEO program into a well-oiled machine with an army of 30-100+ people thinking about SEO every day… this is when you become a powerful SEO Force to Reckon With(SM).


FULL-FLEDGED MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT WITH SEO FLAIR, most known for training, process analysis/improvements, novel strategies and hard-core technical SEO.


Jessica graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in information systems management from Washington University, holds a B.A. in international economics and management from Hiram College, loves foreign travel, kicks butt at the game Connect Four, and has been featured in The Art of SEO, the SEO Bible and Marie Claire magazine.


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