Live sessions that are recorded

Recordings in 1-15 minute bite-sized lessons

Submit project questions to live Q&A

Highlights track for those who are busy


6-week online SEO training

Site license, unlimited attendees, 1 year access

(Enterprise SEO friendly)

Recap from the Booth

common questions

Q:  Can we get an invoice instead of paying online?

A: Absolutely, just email



Q:  What if people need to miss the live training session? Will it be recorded? 


A: Yes, all of our live sessions will be recorded. PLUS the recordings will be broken out into 1-15min bite sized chunks by topics for easy reference that your team will have access to until October 2019. 




Q:  How many people can I add? 

A: This is so easy.... you can add everyone.  Forget someone?  Add them in later, they will get the same material in the online recordings broken into small 1-15 minute chunks (with the highlights track defined).   This is a special launch in September that gives you a site license to add everyone, company-wide for a full year... they just need the same email domain (example:



Q:  How much does it cost? 

A: You have access to our introductory price of $5,000 for a full year, to add an unlimited number of people (based on the same email address domain).  



Q:  What is the highlights track?

Most roles cannot hours in SEO Training, we know that.  For this reason after the live session we break out recordings into small 1-15 minute chunks so it can be consumed in small breaks. And, we define a highlights track, which is the bare minimum lessons that need to be consumed to ensure everyone has a grasp on the most basic aspects of SEO for their role.


Q:  How much time will take to go through the training? 


A: It varies depending on the role and how much they need to know.  For example, development's program can be consumed over the 6 weeks' lunch breaks and during 1 live Q&A call per week over six weeks... it can also vary based on how much time they explore tools... and if they're busy, there is a highlights track for them to learn the bare minimum.  In contrast, writers' training is roughly 5 hours over two weeks and social media marketers have about 30-45 minutes of training.  And yes, everyone will see a highlights track to learn the bare minimum, but have everything for reference all year long.




Q:  What if we forgot to add someone? 

A:  Not a problem. Send over their email and we will add them in!   If they missed a live training session, they'll still have access to the recordings that are edited into bite sized chunks until October 2019, so they will learn with the same material, lessons and Q&A discussions.



Q:  What if we have a new hire / someone new join the team after the live training? 

A:  Since it's a site license, just let us know and we will add them in! Even if it's a few months later, they can work through the videos and receive the same training as the rest of the team. This is highly encouraged to use as part of your new hire onboarding, as it will create a common vocabulary and keep everyone on the same page and working like a well-oiled machine. 



Q:  When does it start? 

A:  Live online training sessions start September 2018.  Recordings will be edited into 1-15min bite sized chunks and available until October 2019. 



Our organization has specific needs. Is it possible to get custom training? 

A:  Of course! Use this link to set up a call with Jessica and we'll discuss your needs and custom options. 



Q: What roles should be in the training? 

A:  If they have a chance to help or hurt SEO, they need to be included.  The most common roles include:

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • QA Testers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Scrummasters
  • Writers
  • User Experience Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Merchandisers, Architects, Scrummasters
  • Anyone who manages the agencies that builds websites


Q: Do we need to purchase tools? 
A:  For the most part, I reference tools that are free or have a free version (with less data).  This will at least give everyone an opportunity to get their feet wet to understand the concepts. For example, the training walks development through Screaming Frog. To crawl you entire site, you would need a site license (and for enterprise sites, it's not even the best tool), but it's good enough to give development an understanding of the concepts.  For writers, they may need to reference a keyword research tool and let's face it... Google Adwords isn't the best for everyone, so I typically recommend SEMrush.


Q:  Are you teaching how to do keyword research?

A:  Early registrants will decide!  You see, the plan is not to because most companies' SEO teams define keywords on a page....however, if the companies that register early tell me they need their non-SEO Teams to do keyword research, then I'll add it to the curriculum. If you need it, purchase by July 11, 2018 and let me know you need this and it will be added.  :)


Q:  Can I make suggestions for the content?