Say Hello to…

an SEO event that may make your brain hurt.

“If I could only attend one event each year, this would be it”
- Warren Lee, Adobe

“If you come alone, you’ll wish you brought your whole team”
- Coy Gupta, Paychex

It’s more than an event. You become part of a tight-knit group of contacts you can reach out to, anytime. It’s the ONLY event exclusively for in-house SEOs.

Next Event:
In-house SEO Exchange at SMX Advanced, June 10, 2014

In-house SEO Exchange at SMX Advanced

On the Agenda

No topic is off-limits. With the openness and fire-side chat format, the attendees drive the conversation and determine the topics. A few topics we look forward to discussing with you are:

  • Scaling SEO
  • SEO Post-Panda
  • SEO Post-Penguin
  • Canonical Tags
  • Page Load Times (and their impact)
  • International SEO
  • Duplicate Content
  • Pagination, canonicalization rel=next/prev
  • Link building – what works, what doesn’t
  • Website Migrations
  • Powerful reporting, dashboards, scorecarding for stakeholders
  • Managing SEO across the organization
  • Managing SEO Strategies across business lines

Who Attends

Attendees come from both big brands and smaller niche companies. We’ve had in-house SEOs from:

Inhouse SEO Exchange Attendees

Who is not allowed to attend:
Bloggers, vendors, press. We vet the list and do not allow non in-house SEOs to attend.

How In-house SEOs are Defined:
“In-house SEOs” are people who work full-time at a company that does not offer search marketing services. If you do not fall under this criteria, your registration will be refunded and you will not be admitted.

Meet Your Facilitator, Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman
Jessica is here to ensure a non-stop SEO learning marathon, and is excited to bring you 2-days of that same SEO intensity she brings to the Exchange at SMX. Along with a few laughs and some networking fun time.

Jessica Bowman sat in your shoes, she was an in-house SEO, facing your challenges, unknowns and brick walls. She has been-there-done-that, successfully and now helps in-house SEOs become more successful.

Jessica is candid, and tells it like it is. SEO isn’t easy, SEO requires soft skills far beyond SEO to be a success.

As an outside-the-box thinker, Jessica will make you think differently.

When the best selling SEO book, The Art of SEO, was written, authors tapped Jessica to contribute to the chapter on in-house SEO.

Where did she learn about doing SEO in-house? Jessica was an in-house SEO at Yahoo! Inc., Enterprise Rent-A-Car and

Today Jessica consults with the leading startups, the web’s largest .com’s and Fortune 500s on cross- departmental collaboration, running an in-house SEO program, process, strategy and SEO technology.

Jessica runs, the industry’s only consultancy on in-house SEO.

Jessica’s Goals for the 2-day Exchange:
1. You walk out with hands that hurt from taking so many notes!
2. You are emailing people during breaks to get things moving… but do so quickly, because breaks are short so we maximize our time together
3. You have answers to every question you had when you walked in the door

What is the In-house SEO Exchange?

The idea sparked from the recurring complaints Jessica was hearing from one conference to the next that, “in-house SEO’s face unique challenges and we want a platform to talk about them safely and openly.” After several discussions with in-house SEOs describing their dream event,, in partnership with Search Marketing Expo (SMX), launched the first In-House SEO Exchange

In June 2009, The In-house SEO Exchange was born…

…And it hasn’t left its roots since. It is an event for in-house SEOs created by in-house SEOs. Attendance is restricted to in-house SEO’s only – no agencies, salespeople, bloggers, or media which makes the event a ‘closed-door’ safe haven where people come, eager to freely share and exchange ideas and solutions.

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