Online Technical SEO Training
for Project Teams

Sept. 18 - Oct. 29

Project Teams could increase SEO 10-20%, but are more likely to cause a 10-50% loss because they lack the right SEO training and tools.


Let’s get Geeky.
Super intensive training to get your team to the next level and beyond.

Anyone can spew SEO 101 on PowerPoint slides. That will not create lasting change. The good news? We're not "anyone" and we believe you deserve change that lasts a good, long time. Find out more about our intensive SEO training for everyone on your team.


Never again wonder,
“What would Google do?”

Find out quickly by visiting our Matt Cutts Video Library where 250+ videos are organized by SEO genre. Put on your headphones and enjoy!


More Brains are Better Than One.
Exchange Ideas at THE Exchange.

The In-house SEO Exchange: A unique safe-haven for enterprise-level SEOs to share and discuss ideas through facilitated discussions. Harness the knowledge, experience, and brain-power of your in-house SEO peers in a closed door, open the kimono atmosphere...shhhhhhh!


You hired brilliant people.
Use them wisely.

SEO is a lot of work. Make it easier and save money by helping your in-house talent to make it all happen. We work with your team to ensure SEO is part of everyone’s job description. Our eye-opening in-house SEO training curriculum will get your team on-board and ready to incorporate SEO into their workflow.


You need a distinct competitive advantage. We give you one.

We sit at the point where marketing and technology converge. Our unique approach to in-house SEO ensures marketing and IT know how to work together like a well-oiled machine.  It’s a feat that few companies have achieved. Be sure you’re one of them and own your market.


We exist to save you money.

We believe the best SEO is done in-house. It’s more affordable and in-tune with your needs. Our in-house SEO Implementation Program will equip you with the process, tools and step-by-step direction to get your in-house SEO program running so efficiently and so profitably, you’ll wonder why you ever considered hiring a big, fancy agency to do it all for you.


We’re the trusted guide in stormy seas. Embrace the cliché.

Let’s define a plan that leverages your strengths and works around your company’s limitations, legacy systems and weaknesses. When you know where you’re going and who you can count on for what expertise, the sailing is smooth, the skies begin to clear and you’ll breeze by the competition.
Our SEO audit is just the thing.

SEO Training

There’s training (snore) and then there’s knowledge transfer, ah-ha moments and “I need to write that down now” training. We believe in the less snoozy sort. Anyone can teach SEO 101. That will not create lasting change. The good news? We’re not “anyone.”

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SEO Audits

Say hello to a report you will actually use. Every single day. Our SEO Audits work in your world and account for your technical limitations and legacy systems. You’ll fall in love with our roadmaps that outline what to do, and in what order, to maximize your SEO efforts.

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Online Training 8/15-10/29

The 20% of SEO that delivers 80% of the impact, delivered over 6 weeks. Online training for Product Managers/Owners, Developers, QA testers, BAs, Project managers, people who write project documentation and more. Class starts Sept. 18th.

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Enterprise-level Exchange

Get enterprise-level solutions to your in-house SEO challenges. Join other in-house SEOs from some of the top companies cross the country for 2 full days of open-the-kimono discussions, expert panels, fireside chats, and more.

It's worth a peek. Check it out.

Thought Leadership

  • 27 Strategies for Working with Key Roles in Website Development (PDF)

    Every company has search engine optimization (SEO) challenges to overcome. This special report contains 27 strategies for dealing with the five major roles involved in every SEO project so you can gain support, create allies and launch SEO changes live on your website.

    Download the "27 Strategies" Special Report
  • 250+ Matt Cutts Videos Organized by Topic

    We are sharing our Matt Cutts video library organized by SEO Genre. 250+ videos (and counting) have been categorized so that you can find specific videos related to any SEO topic.

    View all 250+ Matt Cutts Videos