SEO for

Site Redesigns

You’re about to make very big changes

…make sure your hard work takes SEO to the next level, too

Getting It Right the First Time

Do you know how to (or have time to) review the wireframes, write complete SEO requirements, validate during QA testing and pour through requirements from other departments? WE DO. 


Website redesigns can be game changing but they also open the door for countless SEO problems. Few SEOs are experienced at defining proactive SEO requirements that will paint the box that IT must work within.


We understand the development life cycle. We know what all your other departments must do to prepare and how to limit the SEO risks they introduce. Our real life experience and time in the field offer invaluable council that's a game changer during what can be a very stressful change in any company.


We have a methodology (yes, we said it) for enterprise-level redesigns. We have an approach that works so that you can breathe easy on the day of launch and watch your SEO key performance indicators soar.

Get it right,

before you launch your fancy new site

so you can avoid the SEO scramble post-launch.