SEO Certifications

                   (Role-based, company-wide)


Coming late 2019

Upon completion of the online SEO training, each role will take a certification test to ensure they grasped the important SEO fundamentals for their role.

Our Level 1 Certification is designed to ensure there is a company-wide vocabulary that everyone remembers and ensure that people recognize when to pull in the SEO team.


It’s not designed to a tough certification, we want people to pass and have the ability to:

  1. Keep up with an SEO conversation in meetings.

  2. Spot SEO risks in projects, designs, content, etc. so they know when to pull in the SEO team.


Coming Q1-Q2 2020

Level 2 certification is something to celebrate when received.

This is a tougher certification that challenges you to think about how to apply SEO knowledge in real-life situations, recognize what SEO risks are and have the ability to talk about SEO, even when the SEO team isn’t in the room... while still recognizing when SEO must be part of the conversation.


Let’s face it, the SEO team can’t be in every meeting, so you need people company-wide who understand how to apply SEO for their role at a more senior level. This certification helps get people there, company-wide.