Once Upon a Time…

9 Stories of What We Do…with Very Happy Endings

SEOinhouse.com has tooled some of the largest and most demanding companies with in-house SEO that works. From complete in-house SEO culture overhauls, to project-based keyword research and cross-platform strategies (and everything in between), we have filled the knowledge gaps and counseled in-house teams to take them to the next level.

These stories are a glimpse at the power of teaming with the industry’s authority on in-house SEO.

The Television Channel with Sooo Many Partners …Who Were Cannibalizing Traffic

There’s no such thing as having too many friends, but for one of America’s largest television broadcasters, having partners in all sorts of places how used their content made leveraging multiple platforms to their maximum potential especially challenging. Particularly when the friends occasionally outranked them for brand terms.

SEOinhouse.com was engaged to develop both an SEO and cross-platform strategy to make the most of over 30 million followers across multiple Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and to corral them back to their dozens of sites. We wanted to maximize the traffic, engagement, and SEO value of this huge network.

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The Little JavaScript, Flash Enabled Engine that Could (the website redesign project that felt like a real life “little engine that could” storybook)

A leading fortune 500 brand engaged SEOinhouse.com to ensure their redesign was smooth sailing. Design was underway… complete with over 100 pages of mockups to review, comment on, question and define SEO requirements. The site was laced with JavaScript, Flash and no deep linking – we said to ourselves, “Let the fun begin!”

Working with the user experience/design vendor, we synergized on SEO needs and collaboratively thought outside the box to define cutting edge atypical SEO requirements that worked for all three worlds: SEO, User Experience and Development.

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The Leading CRM Company Who Constantly Pushed SEO Overboard

One of the nation’s leading SAAS organizations tapped SEOinhouse.com to spearhead an SEO effort to educate and evangelize SEO in a way that drives lasting change and redirect the design approach to an upcoming redesign. The redesign was well underway and for the SEO team it felt like a white water rafting expedition, and someone pushed SEO overboard.

SEOinhouse.com dove in (head first) with our very polite “Interrogation Phase” of in-house SEO implementation revealed the root cause of the challenge. A plan was created to both educate and retool everyone involved on how to do SEO in a way that will build the business without hindering each department’s agenda.

In two training days, we generated enough ah-ha moments to drive the right SEO changes to get the redesign project on course. The site launched as an SEO beauty instead of the SEO beast it could have been.

The customized program changed the culture of the organization at the DNA level to be proactive about SEO. It also drove the right process changes that would have a lasting impact. Within a year the company hired a team of five in-house SEOs who embrace shared goals and have taken the company’s online business to the next level.

The last we heard they were still experiencing the “kumbaya” relationship we created with the rest of the project team, instead of the white water rafting expedition we walked into.

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The Massive E-commerce Company Who Needed Development to Get on the SEO Bus

The trouble in big organizations is that marketing and development can sometimes be a long bus-ride apart. One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies needed help getting SEO and development to see eye-to-eye and brought SEOinhouse.com on board to facilitate a better working relationship.

One of the first questions we asked the SEO team was, “have they started groaning when you walked in the room?” and sure enough, they had. SEO and IT were like oil and water (which is not uncommon… and something we cure quite often).

The website was going through a major redesign. SEO was consistently omitted from discussions and decisions, and so much of SEO’s efforts were de-scoped that the site’s SEO traffic that fueled the majority of website traffic was at risk. The IT department was developing like a runaway freight train and the two groups needed synergy, fast.

SEOinhouse.com prepared a two-hour program for the entire web development team followed by a happy hour (that’s right, sometimes beer does work!). In that one afternoon, eyes were opened, perspectives shifted and by the end of the meeting executives had been notified and the right changes were in motion. The site launched, traffic soared and the SEO team is operating at a new level, and on the same bus route as the development teams.

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New Hire Starts with a Complete SEO Instruction Manual: Saves Thousands in Ramp-up Time

One of America’s leading children’s hospitals engaged SEOinhouse.com for one of our famed SEO Audits. Two weeks into the audit process, their in-house SEO moved on to a new opportunity. The project continued and the audit finished just as the new SEO was hired.

On day one the new SEO was armed with a complete roadmap and list of issues and actionable recommendations and was able to grab a coffee and jump in full steam ahead. How many SEO’s have the opportunity to start a new job with an instruction manual? The audit had added value and was well worth the investment because it reduced ramp-up time and kept SEO moving despite the change in personnel.

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Leading Biotech Company Migrates Domains, Changes Branding, Maintains Limiting Legacy Systems and Needs to Enhance Search Friendliness – In One Single Release

A biotech leader had acquired several companies over the years and decided it was time to bring them under one umbrella from both a branding and online perspective. This meant merging four different domains, with thousands of products, online communities, resources and multiple back-end legacy systems.

For the intensity of the project, the timeline was short. SEOinhouse.com was engaged to keep things moving forward, ensure all requirements were accounted for and knowledge transfer happened with the project team at the same time.

The result was a project with complete SEO requirements, a site that launched search engine friendly, and a project team with more SEO knowledge than ever before on both tactics specific to their job, and how to work with the in-house SEO team.

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How to Get off the Agency Addiction: Bringing Enterprise-Level SEO in-house

A billion dollar organization with multiple different business units engaged SEOinhouse.com to reduce their dependency on agencies – the used 3 agencies, simultaneously and wanted to decrease cost and increase efficiencies.

SEOinhouse.com created a 12-month plan to wean the organization off of agencies, bring SEO knowledge in-house and integrate SEO throughout the organization.

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Process Improvements that Reduce Risk, Integrate SEO and Reduce Project Duration 30%

A centralized marketing team for a large organization with many different business units and subsidiaries asked SEOinhouse.com to facilitate process improvements to integrate SEO. Because of our approach, process intelligence and insight to other enterprise-level organizations, we were asked to go beyond mere SEO changes and facilitate a process overhaul that would increase efficiencies, minimize risks and be most effective.

The result was a clearly defined development process that not only had better project team collaboration for designers, developers and SEO, but also reduced the project duration by 30%. It wasn’t quite Agile, and not quite Waterflow – we called it something in-between, and perfect for their complex environment.

It’s not only what we do, but how we do it that creates happy endings.
Let’s create your story, and define the happy ending. Let’s do this together. Differently.