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SEO Genre: Specialty SEO

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Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?   Are different types of sites treated differently in Google?   Will showing posts on my homepage cause duplicate content issues?
Why does Google index blogs faster than other sites?   Is it worth spending time on creating tags and categories?   Can my blogroll affect my blog’s reputation in Google?
What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?   Does Google take action on spammy guest blogging activities?   Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?
If I write about another article, where should I link to the original source?        

Video SEO

How can a site that focuses on video or images improve its rankings?   Is serving Googlebot a transcript in place of a video cloaking?   What factors influence video results in Universal Search?

Mobile SEO

What should I watch out for if I redirect mobile visitors?   Should we create a mobile version of our site?    


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