Led by Jessica Bowman, SEO expert and in-house advocate, this exclusive, closed-door workshop is the ONLY event of its kind.  This event is exclusively for non-agency SEO’s ONLY, so there is an openness that you don’t find at conferences. Get insider tips and tactics from some of the best in SEO within an intimate, “fire-side chat” atmosphere.   Past speakers have included top SEO’s from Disney, eBay, AT&T, Match.com, and many more. Workshop topics are attendee driven, so no subject is off limits.

At SMX West | March 10, 2014 | San Jose, CA

At SMX Advanced | June 10, 2014 | Seattle, WA

Who attends?
What will you learn?
What’s the agenda?

Eventbrite - 2-Day Enterprise-Level In-house SEO Exchange

Who Attends

Attendees come from both big brands and smaller niche companies. We’ve had in-house SEOs from:

Inhouse SEO Exchange Attendees

Who is not allowed to attend:
Bloggers, vendors, press. We vet the list and do not allow non in-house SEOs to attend.

How In-house SEOs are Defined:
“In-house SEOs” are people who work full-time at a company that does not offer search marketing services. If you do not fall under this criteria, your registration will be refunded and you will not be admitted.

Learn How-to:

Trouble-Shoot Enterprise-Level Technical Challenges: Learn from a room full of seasoned SEOs, how they overcome unique technical challenges that often come from legacy systems.  From band-aid fixes and work-arounds, to complete overahauls, someones been there before.

Provide Powerful Reporting: Discover the SEO metrics you don’t read about.  Get real examples of how other in-housers are delivering actionable reporting that raises eyebrows and gets the attention it deserves.

Manage SEO across Departments: Navigate the politics of an organization with unique strategies from in-house SEOs at top brands.  Learn how to make SEO a bigger priority, distribute the workload to other departments, and manage the relationships necessary to make a culture of SEO flourish.

Assess Your Roadmap: With an In-house SEO Exchange in each quarter, you can keep the ball rolling year-round by trouble-shooting hurdles in your SEO Roadmap as the arise.  Find out where others’ priorities lie, and make sure you aren’t missing any opportunities.

Get Bang for Your Buck: Ask in-house SEOs which vendors are working for them, what tools they can’t live without, and the unexpected places they’ve found extra cash in their organization.

Get More Mileage from your Work Week: Don’t work harder, work smarter.  Find practical ways that how others are making their jobs easier and staying on track.

And Much More: No questions are off limits.  Ask others candid questions and get candid answers.


8:00 – 8:30: Registration (and Breakfast!)

8:30 – 9:00: Breakfast and Parameters for Success
Enjoy breakfast during the introduction to the In-house SEO Exchange, along with the ground rules for participating in the Exchange (Hey, if we’re going to be open at this event, we have to set some parameters for its success!).

9:00 – 10:00: SEO and Where it Hurts
Everyone has SEO pain points in their organization. In this session, attendees have an opportunity to discuss specifically where SEO is failing for them and find others in the group who are fighting the same fights or who have already been there. It’s the perfect way to kick off SMX East.

10:15 – 11:00: Valuable Input from your In-house SEO Peers
Wondering what other people are doing, and how they’re doing it? In this session, you’ll get to hear from in-house SEOs who are in the trenches and have already solved the most pressing challenges. Learn what works, and what doesn’t, so that you leave with specific actions you can take immediately.

11:00 – 12:00: Link Building Confessional
Links are always a hot topic and a challenge for most sites, but they are easier to get if you know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll spend the entire hour talking about links, (including the good, the bad, and the ugly) to get realistic solutions that are being implemented by your in-house peers.

12:00 – 1:00: Networking Lunch

1:00 – 5:00: SEO In-house Vault: Real SEO Strategies & Successes that you’re Not Discussing Publicly
This is where the magic of the In-house SEO Exchange happens. It’s called a vault because it’s when we get down to serious and productive SEO exchange, pull down the walls, and the group’s confidentiality agreement begins so that everyone can talk candidly and ask questions about real world strategies that are working (and not working). The best way to describe this session is through the Japanese expression “Open the Kimono”, which means to drop all pretense, speak openly, honestly, lay it all on the table, and expect others to do the same. This session is where you’ll get real solutions that are actually being implemented successfully by companies doing In-house SEO, right now.

5:00 – Whenever: Anyone up for bevvies and dinner?

What In-house SEOs Say About the Exchange:

Companies both large and small have a common thread in their comments on the exchange:

“It’s where you can get the scoop on juicy off-white SEO tactics, in addition to what works, what doesn’t work, and what Google hasn’t been able to figure out.”
- Attendee at In-house SEM Exchange in June 2009 who sent 3 people to the event

“The course was incredible and I can’t thank you enough!! If i could dream up the perfect SEO course to attend year after year this
would be it!”
- Brian Ledis, Product Developer, Thomson Reuters

“In-house SEOs will benefit from the safe haven of this event so that we can share openly, get input from people who have been through their challenges and get several solutions from a room full of people who understand the unique challenges of in-house SEO.”
- Duane Forrester, Former Senior Program Manager, SEO – Microsoft/MSN

“I have been doing SEO for over 8 years now and to me, this is the best part of SMX Advanced.”
-Exchange attendee at SMX Advanced

“The small group atmosphere lets you tap into the collective intelligence of talented search
marketing experts from across the internet. Moreover, by meeting and sharing with these individuals, you have the opportunity to establish friendships and grow your network of resources – a HUGE plus for future conferences.”
-Exchange attendee at SMX Advanced

“It was a great chance to meet top level people at big name companies doing SEO on a broad scale. I would definitely want to attend again, and would recommend it for EXPERIENCED inhouse SEOs, who can really get the most out of it. It is useful for more experienced / senior people; they brought the most to the table and we were able to keep it more strategic than tactical.” – Attendee at In-house SEO Exchange in June 2009

About the Exchange

In June 2009, SEOinhouse.com first launched the In-house SEO Exchange in partnership with
Search Marketing Expo (SMX). The idea was sparked from the recurring complaints Jessica was hearing from one conference to the next, that “in-house SEOs face unique challenges, and we want a platform to talk about them safely and openly.”

After several discussions with in-house SEOs describing their dream event, the In-house SEO Exchange was born, and it hasn’t left its roots since. It is an event for in-house SEOs, created by in-house SEOs. Attendance is restricted to non-agency SEO’s only – no agencies, salespeople, bloggers, or media which makes the event a ‘closed-door’ safe haven where people come, eager to freely share and exchange ideas and solutions.

See you there!