SEO Accelerator Course for In-House SEOs

Real tools, real processes, real SEO work for dramatic results.

For the first time Jessica Bowman, a sought-after enterprise-level SEO consultant, is bringing her 10+ years of skills, knowledge and in-house expertise to a public forum with her rapid-learning methodology. Jessica has been engaged by big brands such as BusinessWeek, Plantronics, Yahoo,, eBay, and Thomson Reuters for training, strategy, enterprise-level technical issues and process improvements.

Some have called her the SEO-whisperer. Jessica was an in-house SEO and she understands unique challenges facing in-house SEOs and has developed the knowledge accelerating practices that will be taught during The SEO Accelerator Course to help you excel:

October 2012 – St. Louis, MO
Learn skills you need in-house, even if you outsource.

Boondoggle alert: We’ve all been to conferences that are light on training and big on networking. This is not that kind of conference. SEOs will be working, intensively, throughout each day and they’ll bring vital knowledge back to their companies.


Learning in the Right Environment

If other courses are a 10k run, this is launching a space shuttle. We take out all the extraneous details and jump into the deep end on the first day. Imagine how much further you will be after going from zero to mach-speed in 4 days. Don’t worry about the acceleration…you will have an on-site mentor at all times.

We put your site under the microscope, and dissect it like an AP science class. You will probe and pick apart your site to understand its issues, and then identify what needs to happen to make the site work for search engines.

More isn’t better.  Less means more precise. We believe in quality over quantity. We filter through the extraneous SEO information to bring you only top-tier knowledge and processes in a compressed program so you can focus and master those skills.

Intimate and discreet. You will work in small teams so you have more time to talk about your site, your situation and your challenges implementing SEO. Like all of our events, this is an in-house SEO only event – everyone will be facing the same challenges you face. If ever a group of your like-minded peers could be assembled with the goal of making your work better, this is it.

Learning Customized to Your Needs

We’re SEO culinary artists, not cookie cutters. Each session is different and unique because it is tailored to the challenges of the attendees. Before each class, Jessica works one-on-one with each student to design an in-depth, hands-on program around the specific skill levels, company challenges and goals.

Learn by doing – bring your laptop. We’ll load up your laptop with the must-have tools and plug-ins you’ll need to do an SEO audit on your site. We’ll show you how to use each one so you’re working while you’re learning, auditing your site with our expert guidance. You walk away with both SEO knowledge and specific action items you can implement as soon as you get back to the office.

It’s a relationship, not a fling. We don’t say goodbye when you leave. You’ll go home with Jessica’s continued support and guidance. We do follow-up Q&A calls so we can continue to share your success and challenges.

Learning at Your Level and Beyond

Master SEO tools without the Master SEO pitch. Other programs want to train you on their tools and programs. We put aside the sales pitches to equip you with the skills and freely available tools used on a day-to-day basis by top in-house SEOs. We even have you using these tools during the course.

It’s about process…yes, we use the “p” word. We teach you SEO as a process so that you can deliver more results in less time, again and again. A MarketingSherpa study found that organizations that routinely follow an SEO process tend to convert 150% more leads than those who do not. (source)

More About the Program

We developed a concise and systematic rapid learning program that is critical to anyone wanting to master the science and art of SEO. This course is developed for those who actively practice SEO and moves quickly through many skill-sets. Additionally, unlike many programs that allow a wide array of talent, we focus solely on in-housers allowing us to focus deeply on the unique challenges facing in-house SEOs as they identify and execute SEO challenges. No one knows them more than us (we did SEO, from where you sat, in-house, for many years – we get you like no one else gets you).

We teach you how to do SEO and leverage freely available tools. We equip you with a knowledge library. This is not only our learning manual, but also the essential SEO books that no SEO should be without and all the information and tools you need to perform at maximum level on a day-to-day basis. You will leave with a full toolbox and all the skills and knowledge you need to maximize a multitude of freely available resources so that you are not locked into monthly fees. (We will introduce you to a few paid tools we feel are worth consideration.)

On-site SEO Factors & Strategies Topics Covered
• Keyword research – you’ll actually do keyword research for your site on day one
• Content strategies – We’ll brainstorm content strategies for your specific site
• Methods to improve click-through rates in the search results pages
• How to review your site for technical SEO issues (get step-by-step checklists)
• How to interpret and act upon the data in Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster Central
• Canonical tag strategies
• URL options for even the most complex situations
• How to conduct SEO code checks
• How to handle pagination, product filters and complex website functionality
• How to crawl your site and evaluate the results
• Designing and structuring your site the right way to achieve better search engine rankings
• What to do routinely throughout the year
• How to use commonly available tools to analyze websites, troubleshoot and make recommendations
• Half-day deep dive on strategy
• You will walk away with an SEO audit, complete set of action items and a light SEO strategy.

Who Should Attend

This learning program is critical for anyone wanting to master the science and art of SEO. Our program is developed for those who actively practice SEO. Unlike many other programs that allow a wide array of talent, the SEO Accelerator Course is for in-house SEOs only, allowing us to focus deeply on the unique challenges of in-house SEOs.

Note: This course is only for in-house SEOs. In-house SEOs are defined as SEOs working for a company that does not offer SEO services.

What’s Included & Investment

∗ 30-minute one-on-one pre-session consultation prior to the course with SEO expert, Jessica Bowman
∗ 5-10 hours of pre-event homework and preparation
∗ 4 days of intensive, SEO accelerated training/consulting/auditing – full immersion, 8:30 am – 7:00 pm (breakfast and lunch included)
∗ 1 private, 60-minute call to discuss questions that arose when you presented the findings after returning from the course
∗ 4 bi-weekly group Q&A sessions after the course
∗ Our recommended SEO Library – the books we feel should be on every in-house SEO’s desk (leave extra space in your suitcase)
∗ The SEO tools you were trained on, loaded and ready on your computer.
∗ A comprehensive SEO toolbox filled with checklists, processes and documentation
∗ An audit of your site (performed by you during the course), a set of action items, and guidance for how to present the findings to the website stakeholders.

Investment in the consulting/audit/training:
$10,000 ($8,500 for early bird registrations)

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