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“Gives advice that works in my world.”

“SEOinhouse.com gives me everything I need to implement a successful SEO program: From strategic advice and benchmarking SEO Best Practices to actionable technical recommendations that can be implemented for enterprise-level websites.  While they are a smaller agency, I get the same high level advice I would expect from a larger agency.  Because their experts each manage fewer accounts, everyone I work with is intimately familiar with my account and gives pro-active advice that works in my world.  Finally, their pricing model helps me stick to my budget by only paying for what I need.”

Ulli Muenker,
SEO Manager


“Enables navigation within each department.”

“Jessica Bowman is the ultimate “SEO Therapist”…she puts a human voice to SEO that goes beyond “tech” to reach marketing and management. She clearly understood our SEO challenges and enabled us to navigate within each department. She is an amazing communicator – she knew how to speak to the technical team in their language but could also successfully engage the marketing and managerial teams. With other agencies and consultants, the service you get in relation to what you pay for can vary dramatically, but with Jessica and SEOinhouse.com, she delivers beyond expectations and genuinely cares about client success.”

Lorna Li
Search Marketing Manager


“An expert in the search space.”

“Jessica is a true expert and professional in the market space. I recommend her highly for speaking engagements, search marketing consulting and for her continual dedication to being a true evangelist for the entire SEO-SEM community.”

Marcus Couch
Director of Online Marketing

Nationwide Childrens Hospital

“Provides clear direction for both executives and SEOs.”

“SEOinhouse.com equipped us with recommendations we can act upon immediately while building a long-term strategy. The final deliverables were clear and they were great to work with. I really needed something that my executives could understand but also provide our in-house SEO staffer with the business case for obtaining buy-in for success.

Our case is probably similar to others in that the SEO staffer was new to the company, and was actually hired as the audit was being done. Having the reports gave him a clear roadmap and shortened the learning curve (for both of us). He knew exactly what the issues were in prioritized order, how to tackle them and what to present to management for buy-in and support. This saved both time and money in the on-boarding process and in gaining momentum for implementation. We now have a clear, feasible SEO Roadmap to execute.”

Stephanie Cannon
Director, Web Communication and eBusiness
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

MarketNet Services Logo

“Gets everyone on the same page and equipped to act.”

“There is a logical process when working with SEOinhouse.com that is great for a company wanting to run SEO in-house. We loved their SEO audit because it had tangible action items so we know exactly what we need to tackle in-house, plus they were technically feasible within our environment. After the audit, we received SEO training that educated everyone involved in the website from tech to marketing, so that we were all on the same page and equipped to further act on the audit.”
Jennifer Jurgens
VP Sales & Marketing
MarketNet Services a leader in lead management solutions

“Effective advanced-level SEO training.”

“Jessica delivered an amazing training day; she has an engaging style of training and really knows her stuff. The training was great value for money because it was customized, in-depth and full of take-aways that have led to real SEO results. For example, we immediately implemented her link-building recommendations and got links from sites with pagerank 6 and higher within a few weeks!”

Doug Jankowski
Regional Manager of E-commerce & E-marketing
Large Publicly Traded B2B Company (Business Services Sector)


“Quickly finds and closes the gap.”

“Jessica Bowman jumped right in at Yahoo and immediately identified the gaps in our global SEO processes and set forth in closing them. She is an excellent communicator and has an infectious personality that allowed her to easily connect with and build bridges across various internal SEO groups and business units. On top of that she thoroughly understands the multiple facets of SEO, from advanced coding techniques to getting buy in from executives. Jessica is one of the few top tier, extremely well-rounded search marketing experts in the field today.”

Laura Lippay
Program Manager
Yahoo! Inc.

“Makes an immediate impact in a short time.”

“Jessica remains my favorite in-house SEO specialist on the planet. I personally recruited and hired her in the Fall of ‘07. She made an immediate impact at Yahoo! in her short stay here, designing training programs for multiple internal groups and building consensus around SEO at Yahoo!.”

Dave Roth
Director of Search Engine Marketing
Yahoo! Inc.

“Understands the needs, concerns & perspectives of website stakeholders.”

“Jessica helped our group tremendously by leading a cross-functional series of SEO education presentations and working sessions. She is a clear and articulate presenter with the unique ability to come across as authoritative without using jargon that’s not understood by the audience. I was impressed by her ability to recognize the needs, concerns, and perspectives of the various parties (front and back-end engineers, product managers, user experience designers, QA) and adapt her presentation accordingly.

In a space polluted with misinformation, it was invaluable having such an experienced authority to dispel the myths and ensure that our efforts would be fruitful. Jessica prevented us from going down some potentially dangerous paths and quite literally shifted our focus 180 degrees once we learned how to view our product through SEO eyes. I am very excited by the results we’ll get once more of her recommendations can be put in place.

I highly recommend Jessica for organizations needing either the basics of SEO or with more complex needs.”

Brian Gil
Director, Product Management
Yahoo! Inc.